Step 1: How to Know You Have a Mess

A mess Determining if you have a mess is the easy part. Chances are you are already well aware of the mess. If not, these are some common indicators.

• Thinking of talking to your tax preparer makes you want to cry
• Your tax preparer thinking of talking to you makes him or her want to cry!
• You have a stack of paper and receipts on your desk
• You can’t pull a Profit and Loss statement on demand
• You use a practice management system or invoice system, but it has no integration with an accounting system
• You are doing double-entry of transactions

The list goes on and on, but for most small businesses and entrepreneurs with a mess, this is your reality. You’re looking backward, playing catch-up and never have a true sense of where you stand financially.


Step 2

Prioritize Fixing the Mess